5 Tips To Help Kids Deal With School Anxiety

It is normal for kids to feel anxious, especially on their first day of school. Not knowing a single soul at school can make them feel like they are a fish out of water. School anxiety is normal for first-timers, if your kid went beyond the adjustment period, your kid needs your help. Here are some valuable tips from top British school in Dubai that can help you ease your kid’s school anxiety:

  • Have a talk with your kid

The first thing that you need to do when trying to ease your kid’s anxiety is let them talk about their fears. Most of the time, kids feel anxious because they don’t know a thing about school. Sit down and discuss with your kids about things that they can expect when the set foot at the institution. Giving them an overview will help ease their mind as they would know what to expect.

  • Let them have enough rest

Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your kid’s mood, especially during the morning. Be sure that your kid will get enough sleep before the school starts. If your kid is having difficulty sleeping, ease their mind by reading them a good story and giving them assurance that you will be there for them on their first day of school.

  • Discuss the curriculum with your kids

Some kids get overwhelmed with subjects that they need to take when going to school. Try to break it down by making sure that your kid is fully aware of the subjects and topics. Most British curriculum schools in Dubai provide parents a copy of the curriculum before school starts. Try to include this with your talk and let your kid asks questions about the subjects. Try to explain it to them in a simple manner.

  • Give them some visual encouragement

When your kids feel alone at school, they will try to look for familiar faces. Ease their mind by giving them some visual encouragement. Put a photo of you and your partner on their lunch box. This would give a smile to their faces and help them get through the day.

  • Let them breathe for a while

When things are overwhelming at school, you need to give your kid some space to breathe. Do not prod them about school when you see that they are not up to it. Let them relax a little so they can ease their mind.