4 Tips On Planning A Private Party

Parties are not always open to everyone. Sometimes, party hosts would like to keep the event to themselves and a few people for a more intimate vibe. For party planners, it can be a challenge, especially if they are dealing with high profile personalities and VIP guests.

But no need to panic. Event experts say that there are ways to plan a private party without getting the word out. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Keep the planning discreet

When you are planning for a private party, you need to keep the details internal as much as possible, especially if you are dealing with high profile people. As much as you want to tell the world about this opportunity, you need to be as discreet as possible to not lose the trust of the clients. Avoid posting clues on social media pages and share the details to a limited number of people.

  1. Select a private venue

Since the party is a private event, you need to look for a private party venue in Dubai that offers exclusivity and privacy to the guest. Make sure that the venue is well-hidden from prying eyes. It would be best if you can have the guests enter another entrance as not to gain the attention of the public. Also, make sure that the parking space is guarded for the guests’ protection.

  1. Be strict with your guest list

A private party means that the guest lists should be strictly guarded. Allowing people who are not in the list would not only defeat the purpose but also lose the confidence of your hosts and guests. Be sure to keep an eye on unwanted guests trying to gain access to the event. If one of your guests bring someone who is not on the list, ask your party hosts if you will allow him/her entry to the premises.

  1. Impose a no-talking policy

One of the reasons why the word gets out is because the information is freely given out by the suppliers and staff. Make sure that your third party supplier understand the situation and remind them not to tell anyone about the upcoming private shindig. It would be best if you can put it in black and white and make them sign a non-disclosure agreement for the protection of your guests and party hosts.