5 Common Questions That Scaffolding Companies Encounter From Contractors

Scaffolding is an essentials equipment in any construction projects. Which is why, contractors are very meticulous on choosing the best UAE scaffolding companies to provide them with high quality scaffolding and construction ladder for their projects.

And part of the scouting process is asking several questions to ensure that the contractor will pick the right supplier for them. In most cases, they are setting an appointment to several scaffolding companies to know if the organization will be qualified partner for the project. If you are tasked on scouting for a scaffolding partner, here are some questions that are worth adding to your list:

  • What type of scaffolding do I need?

If you are a first timer in the field of construction, getting to know the specs can be a headache. Most of the time, contractors asks suppliers that kind of equipment they can provide based on the specs of the project. In case of the scaffolding, they usually ask for the types. There are several types of scaffolding available in the market today – from stationary, movable to modular systems. When asking your prospective scaffolding company, be sure to provide the details they need so they can give you options and sound recommendations.


  • Who is the manufacturer?

Knowing who made the equipment is important if you are in the business of construction and engineering. For experienced contractors, the name of the manufacturer speaks for the quality of the material and equipment. For beginners in the industry, this will serve as a reference in case there will be defects on the equipment. Be sure to dig deeper on the details of the manufacturer and their line of products. Ask the supplier the make of the scaffolding and the integrity of the materials. You can also ask if the manufacturer is issuing warranty and replacements.


  • Who will be responsible for the installation?

One of the most important questions that you should not forget to ask. The answer varies and will depend on the agreement. There are some scaffolding companies who provide a team for installation of the equipment. Usually, these are companies who are renting their equipment to contractors. But there are some suppliers who don’t provide such services. Be clear on this with your supplier so there will be no confusion on who will be responsible for the installation when the time comes that the structure be erected.

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