5 Interior Design Tricks To Make Your Space Look Like A Million Bucks

Some people think that turning their home into an elegant abode would break their bank. But experts in villa interior design in Dubai think otherwise. In fact, there are many way to transform your simple living space to a luxurious residence.

Here are some simple but cost-effective ways to do it:

  1. Go for long curtains


It may sound a little discriminating, but curtains that do not meet the floors like cheap. This might be appropriate in some areas, but for living room the best choice would be long curtains. If noticed, luxury hotels always prefer their curtains to be long and thick. This kind of window accessory can bring elegance to your space. Trying this at your own residence can help add a touch of sophistication and elegance.


  1. Add some texture


When a space looks like a monotone abode, it lacks character and elegance. To get that luxurious effect, try adding texture to the mix. There are a lot of ways to do it. For one, you can go for patterned textile with interesting textures and colors. This would help break the monotony in the space and add an interesting vibe to the space. Just do not go overboard with the patterns. As much as possible, try to keep it simple but classy.


  1. Score heirloom pieces


Many people think that heirloom pieces are expensive investments. Sure. When you buy them at auction houses. But believe it or not, you can get some of these pieces at a very affordable price. Try visiting some thrift stores. You can find awesome vintage pieces that would definitely fit right into your luxurious abode. Just be careful on choosing some of the pieces. Some of the vintage might be a bad knock off. Replicas are okay, as long as they look brand new or well taken care off.


  1. Add some metallic pieces


Some people think that metallic pieces might be a little bit tacky for a sophisticated space. But it can work as long as you pick the right kind of pieces and placed them strategically. If you are planning on adding some of these piece, choose something small. Big metallic pieces can be overwhelming.


  1. Clean the space


One of the most cost-effective update you can do is to clean the space. Messy space look not only grubby but cheap. Be sure to regularly clean it and make it look tidy and spotless at all times.

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