Offset Printing – Should You Go For It?

If you have even a faint little acquaintance with printing services, you should know about digital and offset printing. You will know which of the two methods have been around longer. You will also know as to which of the two offers better results and deserves more appreciation. You may be wondering why the need to compare different types of printing at all? The answer lies in the fact that customers often compare different printing requirements and finally choose the type of printing they deem necessary for their needs. Off course, all of this makes a lot of sense but there is more to offset printing in Dubai that you might want to know before choosing your favorite printing technique. Firstly, despite its age, the offset printing is one of the most versatile printing techniques around. Unlike digital printing, the offset printing is a little primitive but it gets the job done. For example, you will get better image and print quality when you use offset printing methods. Off course, comparing it with the most cutting edge method becomes a moot point to begin with. Like it or not, offset printing offers better colors which doesn’t necessarily means that it has more pixels per inch.

This means that despite it relatively poorer resolution and less pixel count, you need to trust the offset printing at least this time. Note that despite some similarities, there are subtle differences between both forms of printing. However, the most important part is that both methods are pretty much in use and are widely popular across the world. Here is more on why offset printing is different from other forms of printing like its digital counterpart and makes people still use it:

Differences From Other Forms Of Printing

At its core, offset printing is a primitive method which makes it a vintage one. However, much like other forms of printing, offset printing is seen a number of changes in its long life. Unlike digital printing, plates are used in offset printers. These plates are often made from aluminum or other sturdy metal. The plates will then transfer the image onto the blanket that is made from rubber. Finally, the image is transferred on a sheet of paper and the printout is ready.  Despite its vintage style, the printed material shows great quality and the colors appear vibrant and crisp.

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