What is Theta Healing and how does it Work?

The Theta Healing is a healing technique, which is a wonder of science and spirituality when combined together. As per the recent scientific studies and researches, a human brain has five major frequencies including Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Out of these five major frequencies, Theta brain frequency has been discovered as the main source of eliminating stress, alleviating anxiety and replace them with a clean and clear brain and thought process which leads to creative and positive thinking. There are many centers working in the United Arab Emirates and finding energy healing in Dubai is made possible by clicking on the link.


A relaxed mind leads to a healthy body which has all the vital signs working at their optimum level. The five major frequencies work simultaneously in a human brain but domination of each of these frequencies result in different situations and consequences. These frequencies take the center-stage depending on the situations and the state of mind of an individual. Theta frequency is said to dominate brain when it meditates. It is also the dominant aspect when a brain is exposed to hypnosis or while getting into the sleep world.


Many people are still unaware about how theta healing works. The Theta healing deals with the Theta-frequency-wave and lets it dominate to connect the recipient with spirituality, based on his or her religious beliefs. The recipient uses the frequency to connect with Creator to obtain spiritual power and heal his or her medical issues. The best thing is that everyone can easily learn to work with Theta waves quickly.


Another cool aspect of the Theta Healing is that it can also be a distance healing solution. The practitioner and the recipient can have a Theta Healing session on telephone while both can fix a time when the former sends energy to the later. The practitioner or healer goes outside the boundaries of time and space while performing a distance healing solution. The Theta Healing is not that expensive option and a recent surge in its popularity has further increased the number of practitioners in many countries. The theta healing meditation also helps the people with anger management issues as it develops a higher tolerance threshold. Moreover, increased tolerance level also gives rise to chances of having better relationships with family and friends, and even office colleagues. A calm mind is what we all deserve and Theta Healing can go a long way in helping us develop positive habits for a prosperous life.