How Subscribing To A Newborn Home Care Can Help Moms

Moms who just gave birth to a newborn baby have a lot to contend with. After the grueling experience of birthing a child, they need to tend their little ones and ensure that everything the baby needs is addressed.

Which is why they need all the help they can get to deal with an overwhelming situation. The good news is, they can have professional and medical assistance by subscribing to a maternity nurse. A maternity nurse is basically a medical professional who assists mothers in taking care of their new child.

But aside from baby care, what are the benefits of hiring one? Here are some of the advantages:

  • Assistance on breastfeeding

For some mothers, breastfeeding comes very naturally. But there are new moms who are struggling to feed and getting their babies to latch. This can be a big problem if the mother is keen on continuing her breastfeeding journey. A maternity nurse can help new mothers in feeding their baby by teaching them the right breastfeeding techniques and position. She can also guide mothers on alternative baby feeding methods like cup feeding and hand expressing.


  • Health monitoring

Mothers who have gone through labour and delivery are susceptible to illness and infection, especially those who undergo a Caesarian operation. After hospital release, they need to be constantly monitored and tended. A maternity nurse will be able to tend to the mother, check her vital stats and apply basic treatment when necessary.

The maternity nurse will also be responsible in monitoring the health of the newborn infant. Depending on her stay, she will be keeping records of the baby’s APGAR score, the baby’s weight and check if the baby manifests symptoms of any disease. These nurses are trained medically to monitor both the mother and the child.


  • Psychological support

Being a parent is wonderful but it can be overwhelming at times. There are mothers who find it hard to manage the stress of taking care of the baby and don’t know how to deal with such changes. This can lead to severe post-partum depression if not addressed. A maternity nurse can offer support to mothers who are going through such situations. They offer basic counseling and they monitor the psychological condition of new moms.


  • Postnatal wound care

Postnatal wounds need to be cleaned and tended to regularly to heal faster and minimize the chances of infection. A maternity nurse is trained to do such task and ensure that the mom is getting cared for and her condition is monitored and recorded.

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