Spotting Red Flags Of Learning Disabilities in Kids

Learning disabilities are most of the time go unnoticed by parents due to lack of information. But the sad part is, these learning disabilities remain untreated until adulthood, making it hard for individuals with such conditions to cope up with daily lives and improve their way of living.

But by noticing the signs early can help manage the situation. If you noticed the following red flags on your kids and toddler, be sure to consult a psychologist in Dubai for treatment:

  • Problems with memorizing things

One of the red flags that parents need to watch out is whether their kids are well-versed on remembering things. As early as 3 months, infants are starting to practice memorization and remember toys that they have. As kids get older, their brain is also developing as well their ability to remember and memorize things. By the time your kid reached the age of two, he should be able to memorize and repeat some words that he usually encounters in daily basis. If you find your kid having difficulty retaining information, your kid might have some short-term memory problems.


  • Delayed speech and difficulty in pronunciation

From the moment babies are born, they are given the ability through simple mumbling and babbling. Over time, they are able to mumble words that they hear in their environment. By the time a kid reached the age of 2, he should be able to speak at least ten to 20 words clearly. And by the age of 4, he should be able to communicate straight. If you noticed that your kid has speech delays, it can be a sign of developmental and learning disabilities. Check with a psychiatrist in Dubai to confirm whether your kid has developmental delays.

  • Lack of focus

Some parents think that lack of focus amongst kids is caused by distractions in the environment. But if your kid cannot retain his attention even in a peaceful and distraction-less environment, it might be a sign of a learning disability.


  • Poor comprehension

Following directions shows how a child understands the instruction given to him. It is normal if a kid will not get it the first time. But if the instructions are given a couple of times and your kid is still having difficulty following them, it can be a case of learning disability and mental issues.

These are just assumptions and you need to confirm it with a mental health professional. But having your kid tested and treated early would help them manage their situation and treat the disability to prevent delays in learning.